Updated Friday, May 4, 2018 - Residents along the Westfield Road and areas: Saint John EMO recommends that you evacuate today for your safety


Updated Friday, May 4, 2018


Residents along the Westfield Road and areas: Saint John EMO recommends that you evacuate today for your safety


NB Southern Railroad is providing assistance to those wishing to leave the area today, Friday, May 4, at 5pm.


Saint John Emergency Management Organization (SJ EMO) warns that water levels continue to rise and are expected to continue to do so until at least Sunday. It is possible that those living in affected areas along the St. John River and in areas identified in the evacuation map may lose power, water and sewer services. More residents will also be cut off and isolated as roads become impassable. First responders may not be able to reach those who require emergency services (fire, police and ambulance).

NB Southern Railroad is providing a free one-way evacuation shuttle service via rail to those along the Westfield Road and area from the intersections of Gault Road and Mellinger Crescent. This includes everyone in Morna, Morna Heights, Belmont, Ketepec, Acamac, and South Bay.

The one way shuttle will depart east towards the City center at 5pm today (Friday, May 4). Passengers will be shuttled to the Red Cross Reception Center at the Carleton Community Centre, 82 Market Place West. Additional runs will be scheduled as needed, and only during daylight hours.

Train pick up points are railway crossing at the following locations:

• Ketepec Road crossing
• Acamac Backland Road crossing
• Grenville Lane 
• Galbraith Property crossing (1109 Westfield Road)

Click here for map of pick up locations

If you are able, please assist neighbours and friends, especially those who are vulnerable.

If you require assistance getting to a pick up location, please contact 648-3333.

Please drive slowly to your pick up point. Remove your valuables and lock your car.

• You can bring up to 2 bags. We recommend that you prepare to be away from your home for at least 7 days. 


• Pets, their food, carriers and medical history/list of vaccinations. Carriers are recommended for pets (including cats). At a minimum, all pets must be on a leash. 
• A week's worth of clothing
• Medication
• Identification, cash and keys

The SJ-EMO asks all residents in flooding areas to shut off the gas supply to propane tanks and appliances. Tanks that are not shut off will discharge their contents into the environment and we are beginning to see instances of this happening. The shut off valve is located at the top of the tank. Do not worry about disconnecting the tank.

You will be taken to the Reception Centre at the west side Carleton Community Center where you must register with the Canadian Red Cross.  Affected residents are asked to make their own accommodations with family or friends. If you are staying with friends or family, they can pick you up at the Center around 6:30 p.m. Those who are unable to make their own arrangements will be provided with accommodations through the Canadian Red Cross.  Pets will be sheltered.

The Saint John Police Force will patrol the area via ATV during the evacuation.
If possible, leave a note on your door so first responders will know you have left.

We appreciate your support as the SJ-EMO works to keep everyone in your community safe.

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