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West side requested to continue conserving water


Residents and businesses on the City’s West side are requested to continue to cut back on their water use.

An electrical fire on the weekend caused damage to equipment that pumps water from the Musquash watershed to the Spruce Lake watershed.

Preliminary repairs have begun on one of the two motor starters that were damaged.

The restrictions will be in place until the repairs are complete. Officials estimate that it will be at least until mid next week before equipment is operational.

Residents are being asked to continue to conserve water. Updates will be issued as necessary.

Disinfection equipment at the Spruce Lake facility is not affected, and therefore the water remains safe to drink.

Water restrictions include the following:
• Only run full loads of laundry and dishes.
• Do not water lawns and gardens.
• Do not wash cars or driveways.
• Do not fill pools.
• Do not leave taps running.
• Take shorter showers and do not fill the bathtub.

The Musquash Pumping Station was built in 1971. 

The City of Saint John thanks residents and businesses on the West side for their cooperation.

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