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Winter in Saint John: How citizens can prepare and stay safe

As City crews prepare for the winter season, the City of Saint John reminds everyone that being prepared makes a difference. Keep you, your family and the rest of the community safe.

For motorists:

Prepare your vehicle. Winter tires are recommended to provide better traction and give your vehicle a better chance to stop in ice and snow-packed conditions.

Ensure your vehicle is clear of snow, ice and frost. Not only is this important for your own visibility, but when travelling at certain speeds, snow and ice can lift from your vehicle and be thrown into a windshield or even a passing pedestrian.

When road and visibility conditions are poor, adjust your speed and allow more distance between your vehicle and others.

Be aware of any winter parking restrictions, alternate side parking rules as posted on street signs, and City issued temporary parking bans. Parking bans may be called in the days after a snowfall to help facilitate the City’s snow clearing operation safely and efficiently. This operation involves a lot of heavy equipment used to widen streets, reduce snowbanks, and clear ice that has built up. Saint John has two parking bans: North-East-West and South Central Peninsula.

Citizens have a responsibility to secure off-street parking and to seek information on when parking bans are declared. If you rely on on-street parking in the North, East and West parts of the City, you must make alternate off-street parking arrangements, and it is good to do it early, before the first major snow fall. Six off-street parking lots are available for South Central Peninsula residents for overnight parking only when a ban is in place. Please click here for a list. 

For more on the rules for parking bans, including the hours they are in effect for, visit: https://www.saintjohn.ca/en/home/cityhall/transportation

Vehicles parked in violation of the ban may be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

For pedestrians:

Avoid accidents and falls with these helpful tips:

Be visible to drivers day and night by wearing bright, reflective items; 

Wear proper and well-maintained footwear to reduce your risk of falling on slippery surfaces;

Make eye contact with drivers before stepping off the curb- slippery road conditions means it may take drivers longer than usual to stop;

Carry a small bag of grit or sand in your jacket pocket or handbag to sprinkle when you are confronted with slippery paths.

For home, business and property owners:

Ensure that all exit doors, stairs and passageways are free of snow and ice accumulation. This will make it easier to leave in case of emergency and provide responders with a clear path to your home or business.

Be prepared for emergencies:

Have everything you need for you and your family for at least 72 hours following a storm, particularly in the event of a prolonged power outage. This includes preparing an emergency kit for the home and car. An emergency kit should include food, water, batteries, a battery-powered radio, first-aid supplies and any special items such as prescriptions, infant formula and equipment for people with disabilities. Try to keep your phone charged at all times.

Be in the know:

To receive notifications direct to email, including winter storm advisories, emergency preparedness and snow bans, sign up for City News at www.saintjohn.ca. Stay tuned to local radio and follow us on Facebook @CityofSaintJohnNB and Twitter @cityofsaintjohn.

To sign up for emergency alerts from the City, visit https://ecc.sentinelsystems.ca/selfsub/?c=saintjohn

For power outages, call Saint John Energy at 658-5252 or visit the online map https://www.sjenergy.com/

Call the City’s Parking Ban Information Line at 658-4040 to find out if there is a parking ban.

For more winter preparedness information including safety tips, salt and sanding tips, parking ban information, snow plow routes and the City’s Winter Management Plan, visit www.saintjohn.ca/winter.
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