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Winter pothole repairs and how citizens can help the effort


New Brunswick has been hit hard by a difficult winter and one way of knowing this is through the amount of potholes on roadways everywhere. Potholes are often caused by water, or the winter melt off, seeping into the pavement. The City has experienced several freeze-thaw cycles resulting in an abnormally large amount of potholes this winter. Many streets have become difficult to travel on because of the conditions, and new potholes can develop on a daily basis.

Saint John City crews have been working diligently throughout the winter to locate and repair as many potholes as possible. The available cold-mix and recycled asphalt the City has available to use during the winter season is not a permanent fix.

When using cold-mix to fill the potholes, all it takes is another freeze-thaw cycle or heavy traffic and snow clearing operations for the mix to loosen and expose the existing pothole. When recycled asphalt from the asphalt recycler is used, the outcome is often better. However, this method really only works best for large holes and utility cuts, and cannot be easily used for smaller repairs due to the size of the stone in the recycled mix.

Weather conditions can also impact the City’s ability to repair potholes as it is difficult to do a proper repair when it is raining out or when there is a large amount of water from melting snow.

The good news is that once the hot asphalt plants reopen for the season in April or May, the City will have more materials available and will undertake its annual pothole repair blitz to properly repair the roadways. Until that time, crews will remain focused on doing the best they can with what is available.

Service update
Today, there are four crews working across the City to fill as many of the most extreme potholes as possible. Since January, crews have filled 1,505 potholes, and in the last 24 hours, over 260 potholes have been filled. So long as the weather allows, these efforts will continue throughout the week.

Pothole repair (1) Pothole repair (2)   Pothole repair (3)  Pothole repair (4)

Reporting a pothole helps us all
Citizens play an important role in the pothole repair effort. You can report pothole locations by calling our Customer Service Team at 658-4455, emailing or visiting us online. By reporting a pothole, a service request is generated for crews to address the area on both a priority and scheduling basis.

Motorists are urged to continue to drive safely as the roadways are being repaired, and remain a safe distance away from crews.

To find out more about potholes, visit: Potholes 101

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