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Our City Publications page provides access to the various communication and reporting tools used to inform citizens about City of Saint John services and initiatives. These include:

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Saint John - At Your Service is the Official Newsletter of the City of Saint John. Through a series of articles, photos and video links, this inaugural edition shares 2018 milestones and achievements, provides a look ahead at 2019, and describes how City services impact you.

Saint John - At Your Service

 Saint John At Your Service - Second Edition
Second Edition - October 2019

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First Edition - April 2019

Municipal Minutes

Municipal Minutes give you an inside look at City services and how they impact our community. Taking you straight to the source, these brief videos feature topics that are timely and relevant to our citizens such as how services are delivered, new initiatives, milestone achievements, seasonal activities, special events and more.

 Yves Léger Learn about historic maps and apps available on the City's Open Data Portal in this Municipal Minute 
(Volume 6: February 28, 2020)
 Taylor Devlin Learn about Winterfest in Saint John in this Municipal Minute (Volume 5: February 14, 2020) 
 marc doucet Learn about the Parks and City Landscape Service in this Municipal Minute (Volume 4: September 27, 2019 )
 Municipal Minute 3 Mark O'Leary Chris McKiel Learn about the Enhanced Community Standards Program (Volume 3: September 20, 2019)
 Jennifer Brown Emma Sampson Learn about the Central Peninsula Plan in this Municipal Minute (Volume 2: September 12, 2019)


Lisa Caissie introduces the City of Saint John Municipal Minute Video Series. (Volume 1: September 11, 2019)

My Saint John

Why Saint John? Why do we love it here? What makes the City special like no other? Is it our love of the water, neighbourhoods and nature? Is it because of our family and friends? Is it the cherished memories that are a part of our history? Is it the job that sets the course for our future? Or that familiarity and feeling of being home?

Watch, like, comment on, tag an out-of-town friend and share the #mysaintjohn videos that will be featured on the City of Saint John Facebook and Twitter pages.

My Saint John Videos

Meet the Georgoudis family, owners of Vito's restaurants. They look back at their beginnings in Saint John and how giving back to their community has been as rewarding as their success in business.

 IN CASE YOU MISSED IT_John and Carolweb Meet John and Carol. We sat down with these two lovebirds who happily shared what they love about Saint John - and each other.
 IN CASE YOU MISSED IT_EMILIE_web Emilie tells us what she loves most about Rockwood Park, and surprises us with a new activity that's caught the attention of other park lovers.


Infographics are another publication tool the City of Saint John uses to inform citizens. They provide a visual way to display various types of information, from describing how services are delivered to celebrating achievements. Click images to enlarge.

Emergency Management Organization

2018 in review


Growth and Development


 2_Growth_Infographics_2019_ENG 3_Growth_Infographics_2019_8.5x14_ENG 
 Shaping a Sustainable Future 
 1 - Shaping our Future Infographic  2-Advocating for Reforms EN-1  3-Bridging the Gap
 Budget 101 2020 Eng - Digital  How is the money spent 2020 Eng - Digital  How is the money spent by expense 2020 Eng - Dgitial
 6 - Long-term Plan Infographic    
 Transportation and Environment Services
 WMP 2020 - Winter Management Plan  Winter Road Maintenance Winter Sidewalk Maintenance

Service Videos

The videos below have been developed for you to learn more about the front line services we deliver.

rec video

In this video, Community Developer, Greg Cutler, shares how the City supports recreation and community services.

Find out more about:
Community Development
Inclusive Programs
PRO Kids
Community Centres
The Green Machine

parks video

In this video, Park Naturalist, Emilie Murphy, describes the role of our Parks and Landscape Service plays in maintaining our parks and beautifying our City.

Find out more about:
Parks and Landscape Service
Rockwood Park

sport video

In this video, Sport Liaison Officer, Jen Reed, describes how the City operates, maintains and subsidizes arenas and fields.

Find out more about:
Sports and Recreation Facilities

pedestrian and traffic video

In this video, Operations Manager, Tom McGrath, describes the City's traffic and pedestrian service.

Find out more about:
Traffic and Pedestrian Service

transit video

In this video, CEO Ian MacKinnon, describes
how the Saint John Transit Commission operates the largest transit system in New Brunswick.

Find out more about:
Saint John Transit Commission

snow video In this video, Josh Shannon of our Snow Control Crew describes the City's winter management operations.

Find out more about:
Winter Management Plan
 planning video

In this video, City Planner, Jennifer Brown, describes how the City's Community Planning Service develops land use plans and policies to support growth.

Find out more about:
Community Planning Service

garbage video

In this video, Waste Specialist, Dave Dempsey, describes the City's Solid Waste Service.

Find out more about:
Solid Waste Service

stormwater video

In this video, Craig Taylor describes the stormwater services the City provides to ensure functional public drainage.

Find out more about:
Stormwater Service

sidewalk video

In this video, Steve Edgar describes how the City maintains its sidewalks for the safety and accessibility of pedestrians.

Find out more about:
Sidewalk Service

street video

In this video, Janita Rolfe, describes how the City of Saint John maintains over 1200 kilometers of roads.

Find out more about:
Street Maintenance Service

fire video

In this video, Administrative Officer, Josh Hennessey, describes Saint John's fire and emergency response services.

 Find out more about:
 Saint John Fire Department
 Fire Rescue and Suppression Services  
 Emergency Management  
 Emergency Management Organization 2018 Review

growth video In this video, Population Growth Manager, David Dobbelsteyn, shares our priorities for population growth, employment growth and tax base growth.

 Find out more about:
 Population Growth
 Enterprise Development Greater Saint John
 Develop Saint John
 Smart Growth
 Discover Saint John
one stop video

 In this video, Technical Services Officer, 
 Rachel VanWart,shares how the One Stop
 Development Shop facilitates building and
 development in Saint John.

Find out more about:
One Stop Development Shop


 police video  

In this video, Chief Bruce Connell describes the services provided by our 170-year-old Saint John Police Force.

Find out more about:
Saint John Police Force



First Annual Saint John Workforce Report 

Saint John Water Annual Reports

Long-term Financial Plan

Shaping a Sustainable Future - Resources and Reports

Roadmap for Smart Growth

Population Growth Framework

Central Peninsula Plan