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A By-law Respecting the Control of Dogs in The City of Saint John


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Public Notice is hereby given that the Common Council of The City of Saint John intends to consider adopting a By-law respecting the Control of Dogs in The City of Saint John at its regular meeting to be held in the Council Chamber on Monday, November 19, 2018.

The bylaw is intended to repeal and replace the existing bylaw “Bylaw Number M-13, A Bylaw Respecting Control of Dogs in The City of Saint John”.  Proposed amendments include:

  • Updated legislative references from the repealed Municipalities Act to the now enacted Local Governance Act, including a rabies vaccination schedule per standard veterinary practice and the addition of Administrative Penalties which provides an alternative enforcement tool;
  • Routine by-law housekeeping, such as a definition update of ‘service dogs’ to align with neighboring municipalities;
  • Modest fee updates, such as the first occurrence impounding fee, which has increased by $10, from $50 to $60. The second and third occurrence impound fees have not changed. The boarding fee, which is charged per day that a dog is impounded has been clearly outlined as $20 per day;
  • Microchipping has been included to permanently identify dogs frequently found running at large. When a dog has been found running at large for the second time within 12 months, the dog will be microchipped at the cost of $10. The City of Moncton has the same provision regarding microchipping in their Animal Control By-law; and
  • The ability to seize dogs has been updated by providing the authorization of by-law enforcement officers to conduct inspections. This authorization is required to apply for and conduct Entry Warrants, which will be utilized as required to seize dogs when they have been ordered to be destroyed by a Provincial Court Judge.

The proposed amendment may be inspected by any interested person at the office of the Common Clerk, City Hall, 15 Market Square, Saint John, NB between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, inclusive, holidays excepted.


The proposed By-Law respecting Control of Dogs in The City of Saint John may be read in summary only if no member of Council objects. 


Jonathan Taylor, Common Clerk

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