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ByLaw respecting Traffic on Streets in The City of Saint John


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Public Notice is hereby given that the Common Council of The City of Saint John intends to consider adopting a By-law respecting Traffic on Streets in The City of Saint John at its regular meeting to be held in the Council Chamber on Monday, October 7, 2019.


The bylaw is intended to repeal and replace the existing bylaw “A Bylaw Respecting Traffic on Streets in the City of Saint John made under the Authority of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1973, and amendments thereto”.  The current City of Saint John Traffic By-Law was last consolidated in 2005.  A total of 44 amendments to the by-law have been made since this time.  Changes have been incorporated into the updated by-law as follows:

  • References to regulating traffic on Provincial Highways have been removed in the by-law unless specifically endorsed by the Registrar;

  • Regulations that duplicate those already defined in the Provincial MVA have been removed from the by-law;

  • Some definitions have been aligned with the MVA; and

  • Various housekeeping items.

A number of other updates have been incorporated into the by-law including:

  • Consolidation to one type of “alternate side parking”;

  • Introduction of a volunteer and reserved parking spaces program;

  • Clear identification of taxi-stand parking spaces;

  • Introduction of Ready Street as a truck route to help alleviate the impacts of truck traffic on residents of Harding Street West; and

  • Inclusion of the four 15 minute parking spaces on King Square South in front of the new IOL home office.

The Province of New Brunswick, via the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, has also requested specific changes, as follows:

  • Clarification that Churchill Boulevard in its entirety is a truck route, with its limits being Visart Street to Somerset Street, and

  • Clarification that Samuel Davis Drive in its entirety is a truck route, respecting the Province’s authority and direction that Samuel Davis Drive is a Provincial Highway and a truck route, respectively.

The proposed amendment may be inspected by any interested person at the office of the Common Clerk, City Hall, 15 Market Square, Saint John, NB between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, inclusive, holidays excepted.



The proposed By-Law respecting Traffic on Streets in The City of Saint John may be read in summary only if no member of Council objects. 



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