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Notice of Sewer Main Flushing

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Saint John Water Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Program

Beginning this week, Saint John Water will begin flushing sewer mains as part of their annual Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Program. Saint John Water maintains 750 kilometres of sewer lines. The cleaning and inspection program keeps the sewer system operating efficiently by removing and preventing blockages and reducing the risk of sewer backups. Crews will use video technology to inspect 65 kilometres of sewer this year and every year, allowing for approximately an eleven year rotation to complete the inventory. The inspection process determines areas of issue whether the condition of the sewer is suitable for repair, refurbishment or replacement.

Residents may notice an odour in the homes during the cleaning process. If this occurs, it is advised to flush toilets, run some water through various drains (including floor drains) and open windows and the odour should disappear after a few minutes.

The Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Program is expected to take several months. Residents can still use their plumbing fixtures while cleaning and inspecting is taking place in their neighbourhood. Saint John Water thanks you for your cooperation and reminds you: Don’t rush, think before you flush. We all have a role to play in maintaining our wastewater infrastructure. For more information on the program, visit saintjohn.ca.

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